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Justin Woodall Associate Broker/Listing Specialist

P: (706) 621-5900

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Michael Woodall Operations Manager

P: (706) 534-5409

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Ashley Noggle Listing Specialist

P: (706) 250-7725

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Michael Healy New Construction; Land and Development Specialist

P: (706) 510-3167

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Chuck Chandler Buyer Specialist

P: (706) 534-5415

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Blake Hartis Buyer Specialist

P: (706) 389-4745

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Lori Wright Realtor

P: 706-614-5682

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Emily Stephens Marketing Director/Photographer

P: (706) 410-1312

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Kristin Embrey Realtor

P: 585-278-6809

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Dylan Noland Realtor

P: (916) 880-6666

By working as a team, we are able to provide a higher level of service than the “jack of all trades” solo real estate agent. Our team is comprised of a Listing Coordinator, Transaction Coordinator, Listing Specialist, Buyer Specialists, and Customer Care Representative.

We function much like a surgical team or a flight crew. Would you agree that the surgeon can do a better job focusing on what he/she does best while the nurses, anesthesiologists, billing clerk, administrators, etc focus on what they do best? Or would you trust your life to a pilot who also scanned your ticket, checked your bags, loaded your bags, fueled the airplane, checked the engine and served you snacks during the flight? The real estate industry is one of the only industries left where one person still tries to do it ALL. There is a better way!

The sale of your house is most likely one of the largest financial transactions you will make during your lifetime. Can you afford to leave it in the hands of one person juggling a multitude of other tasks when their job is selling your home fastest and for the most?